Get Well Soon Gifts

Quality Gift Giving Made Easy!

A lovely collection of gifts especially designed to help that special someone get well, or to convey your warmest sympathies. 

Prices include DELIVERY to anywhere in Australia

  • $34.00


    For the one you love, this gift is sure to make them feel special!

    • A gorgeous plush teddy bear, sitting at 20cm tall
    • 65g heart shaped box of Lindt milk chocolate hazelnut pralines


  • $36.00


    Our little Teddy loves to hide in the Chocolates. I wonder if you can find him among the 16 Milk  Chocolate Boules filled with a Hazelnut cream filling.

  • $39.00


    A lovely heart shaped gift box filled with 16 of our deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth. A classic gift for that special someone.

  • $39.00


    A soft and cuddly teddy bear complete with a cute gift box of delicious Italian milk chocolate truffles. A perfect gift for a friend or loved one on any special occasion.

    Gift Contents:

    • 1 extremely plush brown teddy bear, sitting at a generous 20cm tall
    • 10 deliciously smooth and cream milk chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth


  • $45.00


    A mixture of 2 dozen deliciously smooth and creamy Italian milk chocolate truffles and pralines that will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more! Nicely presented in a cute but elegant black and white gift box. A perfect little gift for any occasion.


  • $49.00


    A romantic gift to send your heartfelt message to the special someone in your life. Perfect for a man or woman. Elegantly presented in a glossy white gift box, wrapped in a satin ribbon and handmade bow.

    Gift contents:

    • 1 200ml bottle of Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling. This is the favourite of many as the ultimate “party” sparkling wine. Fresh and vibrant, the citrus and toasted cashew flavours of Chardonnay are married beautifully to the fresh bread crust characters of Pinot Noir. Jacob’s Creek winery is located in one of of Australia’s most famous wine regions, the Barossa Valley in South Australia.
    • 1 romantic teddy bear for that special someone. May come as a white or brown bear holding a rose or an ‘I love you’ printed heart. These cute bears sit at a height of 15cm.
    • 4 deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth.
    • 4 Vienna strawberry Bon Bon’s, a favourite treat.
  • $51.00


    A mini indulgence of some of our favourite gourmet treats. A great little gift for any occasion, nicely presented in a cute but elegant black and white gift box.

    Gift contents:

    • 1 pack of 3 Ferrero Rocher Hazenlnut Chocolates
    • 1 box of 3 Guylian finest belgian chocolate sea shells
    • 1 twin pack of deliciously crunchy macadamia nuts grown from native trees in Northern New South Wales and South Eastern Queensland, dipped in a thin layer of crisp toffee, then covered in smooth and creamy milk chocolate
    • 1 50g bag of crunchy pretzels
    • 1 60g packet of hot and spicy ‘Kri Kri’ crisp coated peanuts
    • 1 Kez’s crumbly and creamy melting moment cookie 
    • 4 deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth
  • $56.00


    A classic gift of our popular Australian Lakeview Sauvignon Blanc, Morish caramel crunch, plus a 3 pack of the decadent Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates. A gift that will delight any wine lover.

    Gift contents:

    • 1 Lakeview Sauvignon Blanc. A beguiling mix of the full but supple semillon blended with the crisp and invigorating flavours of sauvignon blanc. The fruit for this wine was sourced from the south eastern region of Australia overlooking the Brindabella Ranges
    • 1 box of Morish Crunch. Premium Australian popping corn and Macadamia nuts smothered in a rich caramel coating with a generous sprinkling of coconut
    • 1 pack of 3 Ferrero Rocher gourmet hazelnut chocolates
  • $59.00


    A fun selection of chocolates, perfect as a thank you or birthday gift. Beautifully presented in a wooden basket, then stylishly shrink-wrapped and finished with a handmade satin bow.

    Gift contents:

    • 1 Jar of Nutella 
    • 1 Tim Tams snack pack
    • 1 bag of Maltesers
    • 1 bag of M&Ms
    • 1 Bounty Bar
    • 1 Toblerone Bar
    • 1 pack of 3 Guylian Chocolates
    • 1 pack of 5 Fererro Rocher Chocolates
    • 4 Redskins
    • 4 Fantales
    • 4 Strawberry Bon Bons