• $90.00


    This selection of beers from around the world is a special treat for any lucky man. Combined with some of a man’s favourite snacks, this is an impressive gift that will put a smile on any beer-loving man’s face! 

    Gift contents:

    • A selection of 5 imported beers from different countries
    • 1 snack bag of crunchy pretzels
    • 1 snack bag of assorted flavoured cracker coated peanuts
    • 1 bag of hot and spicy ‘Kri Kri’ crisp coated peanuts
    • 4 individually wrapped chewy or crunchy nougat pieces (mixed flavours)
    • 4 deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth
  • $85.00


    This large nursery gift set is from ‘Bubba Blue’ – one of the most popular Australian baby product companies in Australia.  

    This gift is beautifully gift wrapped with a large satin handmade bow.

    Gift contents:

    • 1 baby cot sheet set
    • 1 baby cot blanket
    • 4 baby face washers
    • 1 satin and fleece security blanket
  • $99.00


    CHOICE magazine tells us that one of the main things that Mums buy after having a baby is soft cheese! Yes – we were surprised to, but after 9 months of deprivation, it makes sense!

    So, we’ve listened to the statistics, and created this beautiful gift. We’ve combined all the goodies that new mums want – camembert cheese, brie cheese, lavoche, nuts, dried fruits and chocolates, plus some gorgeous items for the new baby too. A perfect gift for the new baby and Mum.

    This gift can be made in CREAM (as pictured), PINK or BLUE. You will be prompted to indicate your colour preference at the time of ordering.

    Gift contents:

    • 1 ‘Alluring Linens’ cosy embroidered and satin lined baby fleece blanket
    • 1 ‘Bubba Blue’ Baby Wrap
    • 1 gorgeous puppy dog soft toy
    • 1 pack of 56 organic cotton safety baby ear buds. Made from 100% pure organic cotton with environmentally friendly paper stem.
    • 1 Eco Baby Soap. Made in New Zealand from a selection of all natural products including lavender and goats milk.
    • 1 60g box of ‘Simply Fine Foods’ organic lavoche crackers
    • 1 125g ‘Rosenborg’ Brie Cheese
    • 1 125g ‘Rosenborg’ Camembert Cheese
    • 100g pack of raw almonds
    • 100g pack of exotic dried fruit mix
    • 8 deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth
  • $109.00


    The cheese board and knives set is the feature of this lovely gift basket. Complete with our favourite picnic items including Lavoche crackers, cheese, pesto and pate…this gift gives more than your average gift. A great gift that will be cherished and remembered.

    Gift contents:

    • 1 quality wooden cheese board
    • 1 quality wooden-handled cheese knife set (5 pieces) 
    • 1 125g ‘Rosenborg’ Brie Cheese
    • 1 125g ‘Rosenborg’ Camembert Cheese
    • 1 large 125g box of grissini sticks
    • 1 180g jar of Pukara Estate’s premium basil pesto from the famous Australian Hunter Valley. A locally sourced Basketville selection.
    • 1 78g tin of Henaff French Pate. Chicken liver spread with port wine. Made in France.
    • 3 Italian milk chocolate pralines. Deliciously creamy milk chocolate with a smooth centre of chocolate and hazelnut pieces
  • $49.00


    A great gift for an individual or couple who like some cheese and crackers with their sparkling wine (well, who doesn’t?)! A wonderful afternoon treat!

    Gift contents:

    • 1 200ml bottle of Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling. A favourite party sparkling wine. Fresh and vibrant, you can’t go wrong with this popular sparkling.  
    • A 60g box of lavosh crispbreads
    • 1 125g ‘Prestige’ Camembert Cheese
    • 1 50g bag of crunchy salted pretzels
    • 2 individually wrapped chewy or crunchy nougat pieces (mixed flavours)
  • $119.00


    1 700ml bottle of Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whiskey.

    Elegantly presented in a white gloss gift box, wrapped with a stylish belly band, sash and bow.

  • $45.00


    A mixture of 20 deliciously smooth and creamy Italian milk chocolate truffles and pralines that will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more! Nicely presented in a cute but elegant black and white gift box. A perfect little gift for any occasion.


  • $89.00


    What could be better than sipping on an icy cold bottle of Cider, combined with scrumptious Cheese and Biscuits. The Apples are grown locally at the foot of the Barrington tops and bottled right here in the Hunter Valley.  Our team gave this one a big thumbs up for flavour. It comes packaged in a rustic crate with a delicate big ribbon. Also included is a bottle opener to make sure you don’t miss out on the great taste. 

       Gift content:

    • 4 330ml bottles of Tilse’s Apple Cider
    • 1 100g box of Tucker’s Rosemary and Rock Salt 
    • 1 125g Prestige Brie Cheese.
    • 1 60g bag of Salted Cashews
    • 1 100g bag of Exotic Fruit mix
    • 1 100g Mini pretzels
    • 1 Cork Screw/bottle opener
  • $65.00


    A classic gift of quality French red wine, Morish caramel crunch, plus a 3 pack of the decadent Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut chocolates. A gift that will delight any wine lover.

    Gift Contents:

    • 1 quality French red wine
    • 1 box of Morish Crunch. Premium Australian popping corn and Macadamia nuts smothered in a rich caramel coating with a generous sprinkling of coconut.
    • 1 pack of 3 Ferrero Rocher gourmet hazelnut chocolates