Thank you Gifts

  • $74.00


    This elegant gift is sure to impress any lucky recipient. It is perfect for an individual or couple who like their wine and will enjoy a few sweet treats. Stylishly shrink-wrapped and finished with a handmade satin Bow.

    Gift contents:

    • 1 Lakeview Shiraz. This superb, soft and round Shiraz is a perfect accompaniment for red meat dishes. This wine is from the south eastern region of Australia overlooking the Brindabella Ranges.
    • Snax with Attitude 75g box of french vanilla coated peanuts and almonds.
    • 1 50g Toblerone
    • 1 twin pack of ‘Macadamia Royal’. Deliciously crunchy Australian grown macadamia nuts, dipped in a thin layer of crisp toffee, then covered in smooth and creamy milk chocolate.
    • 1 box of 3 Guylian finest belgian chocolate sea shells. 
    • 8 deliciously creamy Italian chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth.