Beer or Wine – can’t decide? Well don’t! This gift contains both! Heaps of our delicious gourmet snacks with 2 crown lagers, 2 small red and 2 small white wine bottles! Can’t get better than that!

Gift contents:

  • 2 Crown Lager Beers. Crown Lager has been the favourite premium Australian lager since the early 1900’s. Stylish with its unique bottle and gold label, Crown Lager provides a rich, malty, smooth, full flavour with a crisp, clean finish. Everyone loves a ‘Crownie’!
  • 2 x 200ml bottles of Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling. A favourite party sparkling wine. Fresh and vibrant, you can’t go wrong with this popular sparkling.  
  • 2 x 187ml bottles of Lindemans Bin 50 Shiraz is a full-bodied, well-balanced wine with plum and spice flavours.
  • 1 80g box of ‘Belgian Butters’ crispy crepe rolls
  • 1 150g box of delicious Belgian creamy milk chocolate flake truffles
  • 1 100g box of Belgian made butter waffle crisps. Delightfully buttery and delicate
  • 1 120g packet of ‘Walkers’ shortbread homebake rounds cookies.
  • 1 100g box of Morish Cashews. Superb caramel coated premium Australian cashews. A natural snack FREE of Gluten, Lactose, Additives, Preservatives or Colouring agents.
  • 1 100g box of Morish hot and spicy peanuts. Roasted premium peanuts coasted in caramel, select spices and chilli to make you red in the face!
  • 1 Snax with Attitude 75g box of milk chocolate coated fruit and nuts
  • 1 250g bag of cracker coated peanuts
  • 1 300g bag of exotic dried fruit mix
  • 1 60g bag of cracker coated peanuts
  • 1 50g bag of crunchy pretzels
  • 1 box of 5 Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates
  • 1 Kez’s crumbly and creamy melting moment cookie 
  • 1 box of 3 Guylian finest belgian chocolate sea shells
  • 5 deliciously smooth and creamy Italian milk chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth
  • 5 creamy butter caramel toffees
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